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  • Jack Herer

    «The Emperor Wears No Clothes"

  • Eccl 5:8

    «The king also consisteth by the field that is tilled.»


We grow all of the hemp used in the making our full-spectrum products, using a four day lipid infusion which ensures higher bioavailability – it works better. We never use any solvents to make our products, and never spray any pesticides during resin production. We utilize regenerative organic, Korean natural farming, and Biodynamic practices to produce the highest quality hemp and heirloom vegetables. 


Our full-spectrum hemp products are all made by hand in small batches, ensuring the highest standards in production and sanitation. We have our eyes and hands on every hemp plant from seed to flower, from curing to extracting, ensuring the highest quality full-spectrum hemp products and heirloom vegetables .


We are focused on providing the highest quality and potency in everything we produce. From hemp to tomatoes, everything that leaves our farm has been cultivated with a focus on health, nutrition, and flavor. To show the difference in our product, we immediately send our fresh hemp infused oil to third-party laboratories for exact measurements of the hemp resin.

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