About our Hemp Products

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third-party lab tested 
every small-batch of our oil is tested by a third-party lab to ensure the highest quality.
same strength every size
each bottle contains the same strength and oil from each batch, no more paying extra for high strength.
hemp infused oil
our full-spectrum oil is infused from hemp flower in a four-day process, no solvents or additives  are ever used.
grown then made on-farm
we grow and make all of our full-spectrum hemp products, no white labels or extract labs, from seed to oil.

Our Hemp Products are All Full-Spectrum, Organically Grown, and extracted using a Lipid Infusion rather than a solvent extraction. Our flagship product is our Hemp Infused Oil. 

The main difference in our oil, is it is the Same Exact product no matter how much you spend or get. Many other Hemp Products available - if they are even real hemp in the first place - charge you more to have a higher dosage or potency.

We make all of our hemp oil in small batches, with each batch the same consistent high quality product, but slight variations because of the formula and flower used. 

We do not charge you to have a stronger product, our product is the same no matter the size or the number on the bottle. Our oil is Approximately 17mg/ml of hemp resin to carrier oil which is hempseed oil.

Our oil is great for pets, and you only need to use a few drops for pets, unlike many pet hemp products out there that the only affects occur when a full dropper is taken once or even twice.

About Us

First and foremost, what does TEWNC stand for?!? 

"The Emperor Wears No Clothes," 

by Jack Herer.


The farm is dedicated to Jack Herer and all the other amazing growers and breeders who have kept hemp alive and well throughout an almost century of prohibition, across the world. There are still, to this day, people serving Life In Prison for non-violently growing hemp, even in states that have now legalized it recreationally.

Life In Prison! For a God Blessed Plant, which was required by Law in the founding of this nation to grow.


Hemp, was one of the most important aspects of American life and most every other culture throughout history. Jack Herer's book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," was the first comprehensive book uncovering the truth about Hemp in American society. Like USDA Bulletein No. 404, or USDA's "Hemp For Victory" video, American Pharmacopeia journals, Popluar Mechanics & Engineering both the same year releasing "Hemp, the First Billion Dollar Crop." 


I encourage everyone to read through Mr. Herer's book, you can buy it online which has all the documents included, as well congressional records and other important artifacts concerning hemp's history in America, Or you can read it online for free, click the link below.


Read "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," for Free


Farm Operations

We are a hemp and market farm that uses regenerative organic practices to produce the highest quality and nutrition available when growing crops, while rebuilding the native populations and soil. Also everything we grow are heirloom varieties which are open pollinated and have been saved and passed down generation after generation, breeding and saving our own seed to keep these rare varieties alive. 


The hemp oil is grown and produced on the farm, using regenerative organic practices as well, but we do not even spray any organic pesticides during the flowering stage of the hemp, producing the finest, cleanest, highest quality resin or oil that can be achieved. Insects are hand picked, the hemp is harvested, cleaned, trimmed, and then produced into hemp oil all by hand, and all in small batches with every batch lab tested for quality and potency. This oil is much stronger than most any oil out there because they are using a solvent extraction, and much of it is white labeled and produced form biomass, TEWNC Farms Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is Lab Results HERE.


Experience the difference why everyone who tries TEWNC Farms Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil switches to us, even after trying highly reputable brands. The reason being is we strictly use a Lipid Infusion method, which uses only the hemp flower, no stalks or leaves, and certified organic hempseed oil from Nutiva, which produces a highly potent, quality clean product that can be rubbed on directly or even cooked with to make edibles.


Order online now, there are more products coming soon, and shipping is available to anywhere in the world - with Free local delivery available to the Wilmington and surrounding areas. If there are Any question at all regarding our products please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (910) 839-8595 thank you for your time and we look forward to providing you with the highest quality hemp oil for an actually reasonable price unlike so much of the hemp oil that is being produced currently.